We love the opportunity to showcase the most fashionable designs in home furnishings We at Comfort Crafting are known for styling innovation across an amazing range of looks – from traditional to contemporary. We believe in lifestyle presentation, so each of our pieces includes designs for every room, including custom upholstery. Our passion lies in creating an environment in your home that beautifully reflects your personal style

when it comes to fashionable upholstery, We at Comfort Crafting  offers an amazing array of styles, fabrics and trim options from which to choose – in both fabric and leather. Express your personal style by choosing from thousands of fabrics in our library line, or have us apply your own custom material for a look that is exclusively yours. We even allow you to personalize your frame style. From elegant traditional to dramatic contemporary, nothing sets the tone in a room like luxurious and comfortable upholstered seating. Our custom upholstery pieces are hand-crafted by artisans using unique materials, decorative elements and distinctive finishes to create one-of-a-kind pieces.


Traditional / Transitional Upholstery 



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