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Our satisfied customers bought American made high quality products and saved incredible amounts of money directly from Comforts of Handcrafting Since 1962, our family at Comforts of Handcrafting has specialized in providing products that are well known for high quality and long lasting durability. However, our commitment doesn’t stop there. We are also completely dedicated to excellent customer service and satisfaction. Before offering our drapes and fabric window treatments to the public, we have supplied retailers, interior decorators, and home improvement centers for many decades Comforts of Handcrafting delivers value that no one else can purchasing drapes “directly from our factory", you can typically save 50-80% off most standard retail prices.. It is that simple. More over, one factor that clearly distinguishes our company from any other is the higher quality drapes you will receive at Comforts of Handcrafting, Our family and numerous long time employees take great pride in furnishing customers with outstanding well made products. When it comes to quality, we truly believe you cannot find any better drapes than the ones we literally “hand make” Comforts of Handcrafting Quality Features, Steel pleated drape hooks/pins at the top of the drape that will not easily bend like others do, causing the drape to sag at the top, Finest quality crinoline / stiffener in the heading of the drape that will not fall apart as others often do when cleaned, Sun resistant thick cotton / polyester thread that does not deteriorate over time or separate at the seams when the drape is dry cleaned. This can occur when using poor quality and cheap stitching or thread, Hidden seams are important whenever widths of material are joined or attached to one another so that you have a rich custom appearance unlike some drapes made by others, Extra thick hidden weights at all bottom corners of the drape in order to yield improved hanging qualities which you don’t always find in every drape, unlike some drapes that are machine made by other companies, Hand folding; we fold and set each pleat by hand which enables us to offer superior folding and pleats, whereas other drape manufactures typically use automated assembly line machines to do this function, Double hems; in order to make a better product than others, you have to go the “extra mile”. Therefore, at Comforts of Handcrafting, we use full double side and bottom hems for better looking drapes. Most others cut their costs by using single or one and a half hems. We will not ever compromise our quality. Remember when "American Made" really meant something in terms of both quality and pride? Well, this concept is still very important to us at Comforts of Handcrafting, There is definitely a reason why we have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. We believe our success and popularity is based on superior quality, factory direct wholesale prices, and our commitment to excellent customer service.

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