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Who Will Reupholster?


Trust Comfort Crafting to provide national standards of quality with the personal touch of a local firm.Comfort Crafting. We have been here for more than 50 years already and we'll be here for a long time to come. Comfort Crafting really are the experts who you can trust to take care of everything.You have probably already invested in good quality furniture so If you'd like to give your furniture a new lease of life and continue to enjoy that familiar comfort then ask for a free-in-home visit to find out more about re-upholstery from Comfort Crafting.Comfort Crafting re-upholstery are full members of the Bureau of Home Furnishings Comfort Crafting we are longstanding members of the association of Master Upholsters and soft goods, and as a family business for more than 48 years, Our commitment to exceptional customer service is second to none.


How Does Re-upholstery Compare to Buying New?


If you are considering a new suite or re-upholstery and trying to decide what to do, it's worth knowing that the cost of quality reupholstering is a lot less than buying quality new furniture. Most people already own the best quality furniture they will ever buy. Before you replace your comfortable furniture, it's at least worth asking Comfort Crafting for a Free in Home quotation.When your favorite sofa or chair is comfortable and it fits perfectly in your home it becomes like an old fiend. What many people now days don't realize is that it is also very well made, in many cases of better quality than if you bought brand new. Experience shows they just don't make it like they used to. If your furniture is over 10 years old it was probably made in the U.S.A. of hardwood frame by time served U.S. craftsmen. The kind of person America was built on. Producing quality American products that were made to last, and the envy of the world. Proper frames, springs and padding went into producing long lasting comfortable furniture. One of the best things about re-upholstery is you get to keep your existing furniture in a brand new choice of fabric .


Why Reupholster your Furniture?


Quality is the most common reason. Most people already own the best quality furniture they will ever buy. Many people just want a new look, a different color or just a change of scene. But they don't want the hassle of replacing their furniture because it fits the room and is comfortable If your furniture is older than 10 years then reupholstery makes a lot of sense. Experience proves that furniture was better made then, as most furniture was made in this country and not imported. Typically better material was used, with solid wood frames and good quality springs and foams. To replace with new furniture like for like would cost a lot of money. By reupholstering you are making an investing. If the furniture is branded name, then reupholstering makes very good sense, good quality furniture is made to last. You would have paid a reasonable amount of money for these pieces. They tend to last and are often very comfortable. People often want to keep hold of furniture they may have inherited. Or they may regard to their sofa or chair as well loved friend.

Best Custom Furniture Reupholstery in San Diego

Comforts of Handcrafting provide the best custom furniture reupholstery in San Diego. Bring your old furniture back to life with our San Diego furniture reupholstery. We are professionals in leather dyes and repairs for all your residential and commercial furnishings. Comforts of Handcrafting certainly are the signature choice for furniture reupholstery in San Diego for both residential and commercial.

We concentrate on quality and service to ensure you not only get the best product on the market, but the best service to back it up! We work with Restaurants, Medical facilities, Bars & Night Clubs, RV’s, Marine, Gyms, Hotels, Residential, and anywhere else you can think of!

San Diego Furniture Reupholstery Services

Comforts of Handcrafting offer the best possible residential and commercial San Diego custom furniture reupholstery services. If your furniture has become worn with age and use, you don’t have to buy new furniture, just have your professional furniture reupholstery in San Diego. We are able to reupholster just about anything from leather couches, sofas, chairs, love seats, dining seats, ottomans, headboards, your cherished antiques and anything else you might need an upholsterer for. We carry a wide collection of quality fabrics from many manufacturers.

So, if you need furniture reupholstery in San Diego or custom furniture reupholstery in San Diego anytime, please call us at (858)273-1464.

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